PayLite Platform
Powerful Solutions for nonprofits and businesses
PayLite Solutions provides cutting edge systems for nonprofits and businesses.
The PayLite Platform simplifies and aggregates top APIs, so you can build faster with less tech debt.
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PayLite Giving

Provide a Seamless Giving Experience with a Fully Integrated & Centralized System

Become a donor-centric nonprofit by providing a seamless giving experience for your donors. By centralizing your fundraising tools with PayLite Giving you can market your mission, manage your donors, accept donations and increase fundraising with a single tool. Having all your data in one systems means you can know your donors and personalize their giving experience.

Increase donations by 30% with one click text message and mobile fundraising campaigns that pre-populate your donors information. Send beautiful emails with our email marketing tool and track opens, clicks and bounces to understand your engagement.

Now you can have a self service website to empower your donors to manage their giving and contact information. No account or password required.

With our role based access you can give your team access to some or all of the system, so they can contribute without accessing sensitive information. Learn more>

Donor & Contact Database

Online Donation Website

Email Fundraising & Newsletters

Text Message Fundraising

Events Registration

Online Auction

Online Store

Mobile App to Accept Payments

Broadcast Text Messaging

Reports and Dashboards

Donor Profile

Recurring Gifts

PayLite Engage

Bring all your customers, payments and marketing into a single solution, so you can engage and grow!

Centralize Customer Information

Payment Processing Tools

Recurring Billing

Electronic Invoicing

Email Marketing

Mobile App to Accept Payments

Text Message Notifications

Customer Self-Service Website

Reports and Dashboards

Your business needs a lot of software to run smoothly, but it is a major headache to manage all those tools and decentralized information.

PayLite Engage centralizes your customers, payment processing, billing, and marketing to simplify how you run your business and understand your customers.

Engage your customers with email and text messaging to increase sales and grows your brand.

Our full suite of Payment solutions allows you to process Credit, Debit, and ACH payments, send invoices, setup recurring payments, and manage subscriptions. Our mobile app lets you accept and management payments on the go. Learn more>

The Platform

Build solutions faster with significantly reduced tech debt and maintenance. Once implemented you can switch between any of our supported services without changing a line of code. The platform provides automatic failover to our backup services and includes high availability infrastructure.
PayLite Platform

What we do

Powerful Solutions for nonprofits and businesses. PayLite Solutions provides cutting edge systems for nonprofits and businesses. The PayLite Platform simplifies and aggregates top APIs, so you can build faster with less tech debt.

PayLite Giving

Create a seamless giving experience for your donors and make fundraising a breeze with our centralized tools. Learn more>

PayLite Engage

Manage your customers, market your offerings, and get paid all in one place. Grow your business with PayLite Engage. Learn more>

PayLite APIs

Accelerate your build with our API for multiple payment processors, email and SMS providers. Learn more>

Web Services

PayLite is a web services platform built for the enterprise. Break vendor-lock, eliminate tech debt and accelerate your build.

Simplify Email

Paylite's Communication API allows you to not only send email, but automatically tracks and stores your history with only 21 lines of code. Use our built in email service, MessageLite, or bring your own license (BYOL) for your preferred service and be up and running in minutes.
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Turbo Charge SMS

Let our 21 lines of code save you from writing 10,000! Send text messages (SMS) at scale, Track text messaging campaigns, click throughs, personalize links, and prepopulate data. Enterprise grade redundancy means your service is never interrupted, so they never see you sweat. Pay off your tech debt in minutes by using PayLite's consolidated APIs to manage your text messaging service.
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Payments API

Access mutliple payment gateways through a single API. Our 16 lines of code allow you to process payments and a whole lot more: accept credit and debit cards as well as ACH transfers, process charge packs, refunds, setup recurring payments, manage donations and easily integrate with your mobile app. Our enterprise encryption and bank grade protocols ensure 100% data security.
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PayLite Static IP

Our cloud works for the enterprise. Route your cloud application through a static IP address and simplify integration. Our Static IP offering allows our clients to simply open their firewall to allow secure traffic through from could systems and third parties that require a whitelisted IP. Our sample code will have you up and running in minutes.
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Why PayLite

Email, Text and Payments in a single platform

Reliable & Secure

We take security seriously. All payments and transactions are kept secure, and all financial data is encrypted to keep you safe. We employ industry leading, multi-level cloud infrastructure to seamlessly scale with our client demand. With our automatic redundancy for all of our services disaster recovery becomes a thing of the past.


Our solutions are fully integrated into your website and mobile device to offer an enhanced user experience. Our REST APIs provide an easy, condensed set of code that allows you to develop solutions for any need.


The simplicity of PayLite Web Services allows for rapid development with no tech debt. A single set of APIs allow you to build without documentation and managing multiple vendor relationships. Turn 100,000 lines of code into 50 by using PayLites REST API.

Fully Flexable

No one wants to be limited, so you have complete control to customize with and around PayLite's APIs. Build what you need without having to think about it later.


Nothing is more important to us than our customer's success. Our support team is available 24/7/365 to ensure our clients and their stakeholders are delighted.


We use the latest technology and only partner with the smartest providers to deliver PayLite. Our system uses advanced transaction processes to make it faster and more efficient.

Bank Grade Security

Built by industry veterans, all your data is protected with 256-bit encryption and card data is never stored on our servers.

256 Bit Encryption

Our website is secured with 256-bit encryption. Card data is never stored on our servers.

Bank Grade Security

Your sensitive data is encrypted and stored in Microsoft Azure PCI compliant secured data center. Learn more about the security of Microsoft Azure Compliance.


PayLite securely stores payment info in Stripe, a PCI-compliant vault used by some of the world's leading tech companies.

Industry Standard Protocols

PayLite undergoes routine security audits by reputable firms and uses PCI industry standard security practices.

About Us

In today’s digital world, online payments, transactions, emails and text messages happen millions of times a day. PayLite was founded to deliver enterprise web services for payments, email and text messaging The PayLite team has over 50 years of enterprise solutions and payment processing platform experience collectively, and we use our experience to make PayLite revolve around you, our clients. Our team works around the clock to make PayLite better every single day. Our greatest strength is our team; the PayLite team is an extraordinary group of individuals that comes together to form one community. But our community does not end there, it ends with you. We do not treat you like normal clients, but as partners in this growing world. We make sure that you have what you need to succeed, because when our clients succeed, we all succeed.

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